I spoke to a local beer brewer once and asked him what he prefers to make, and his answer was something like a Triple, Doppelbock, or something else that usually doesn’t appeal to the masses. That’s where his passion was, but my next question to him was why he had 6 different IPAs on tap, and yet none of the styles he wanted to brew: “Because that is what my customers want.” He also told me that, in his estimates, he makes 3 IPAs to every other style of beer he brews, because that is what sells best.

What the hell is this story doing on my blog, besides making some of you long for the days of sampling a flight at a microbrewery? For whatever reason, after writing my post about Memento Mori, I got to thinking about how that is my Doppelbock option, but I need to balance having those offerings with at least “3 IPAs”. For every philosophical or existential dive, anyone reading this also might like a few other palate-pleasers to sample first.

So, in 2021, I am promising more juicy, hoppy IPAs for my readers. I will pack this website with consistently crisp, high-ABV (alcohol by volume) flavor bombs that appeal to the masses so that you are never without taking away a pearl or pragmatic tip with the possibility of immediate implementation. After all, many love IPAs so much because you get a lot of bang for your proverbial buck, from flavor to ABV. Hell, I love a good IPA myself, but also appreciate the craft behind a more obscure, but more complex offering as well.

For 2021, the complex offerings will continue to be lovingly crafted, but I will be ramping up production of “IPAs” as well. I’m looking forward to this new strategy, and I already have 50+ ideas in the queue, so stay tuned! Cheers to 2021! 🍻

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