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“This book is everything you want to know as either a new grad or just a PA that is reevaluating their life. The effort put in by Shayne and Jordan to provide really helpful information shows throughout this entire book. The excitement these two have for the PA profession and investing in others is great! Grab yourself a copy of this book and keep it handy for those times when you realize you could be doing something better!”
Lenora S., PA-C

“As a current PA student, we get so caught up knowing presentation to treatment of disease states, but we gloss over the transition from PA-S to PA-C. The PA Blueprint explained complex finances and ideas eloquently and simply so that anybody from business majors to chemistry majors can have the tools to become the best PA-C medically, financially, and mentally we can be. Great read and I intend on putting the knowledge I’ve learned in this book to good use when I come to the table to negotiate my first contract!”
Justin K., PA-S2

“The PA Blueprint is a combination of all the information you need to know after graduating that you were likely never taught in PA school.  In school you are too focused on learning to treat patients to think about things like contract negotiation, loan repayment, and retirement plans.  This book is a great resource to have alongside you as you start your first job and begin to tackle life after graduation.”
Angela J., PA-C

“A big THANK YOU to The PA Blueprint for this awesome guide to life post PA school!!!
As a first-generation student navigating the higher education system, much anxiety has arisen from not knowing who, where, when, what, how.
I highly encourage this easy read full of invaluable guidance as well as having them speak to your program. So thankful my program had them for us!”
Juana G, PA-S2

“The PA Blueprint is invaluable for new grads navigating life after graduation. An easy, quick read that is jam-packed full of valuable info. So happy to have found this right as I graduated PA school. Thanks so much guys!!”
Caroline R, PA-C

“We may spend years becoming PAs but we spend a lot more time actually being PAs. The PA Blueprint provides nuts and bolts, practical tools to use in the important endeavor of being a successful PA, both professionally and personally. Whether you are a recent graduate navigating the new landscape of being an advanced practice provider or you are a seasoned PA, Jordan and Shayne’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach will definitely be beneficial as you work to make the most out of your profession.”
Amy P., PA-C

“Just finished reading the book after purchasing about a week ago. What a resource! I wish this guide to navigating jobs, finance, and work/life balance was around when I graduated from PA school. I hope new grads really give this book a read before starting their first job and continue to reference it as new, possibly confusing, situations arise in their careers!”
Cory M., PA-C

“As a 20-year veteran APP, I still found so much useful information in The Physician Assistant Blueprint. This should be required reading not just for new graduates, but for professionals every couple of years. It is an opportunity to schedule a checkup on finances, take a temperature on burnout, and do a self-assessment on personal practice style. The ebook is a great value, including not just interesting content, but also a host of useful links.”
Alison H., NP