Your guide to career advancement, getting rich, avoiding burnout, and finding your dream job.

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What is The PA Blueprint?

Building The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

Are you a new graduate unsure of how to wade through the uncharted waters of the PA career? Or are you a practicing physician assistant that feels stuck in a rut or even like you are headed towards burnout? Well, you’re not alone, and that is precisely why we created The Physician Assistant Blueprint.

With nearly 15 years of clinical practice, along with 5+ years of teaching and precepting, we understand the PA Profession. We have changed specialties, requested raises, made investing mistakes, taken free CME vacations, and much more.

Using this knowledge, we have created a blueprint that any PA can use to hack the PA profession and build the career that works for them! Learn from our experiences!

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What your peers are saying about The PA Blueprint

“This book was exactly what I needed at this point in my career. I feel settled with the medicine, but needed the guidance to excel in other parts of my career. Now my retirement accounts are set and I’m on my way to millionaire status.”
Sam S.
“I was struggling to move the needle on my student loans. It felt like my monthly payments were going nowhere. After reading The PA Blueprint, I feel like I actually understand how these work and have been able to lower my interest rates. This will easily save me thousands of dollars!”
Cameron M.
Urgent Care
“The book taught me how to design my career on my terms. It’s empowered me to crush my debt, invest like a pro, beat burnout, and do it all while feeling more fulfilled!”
Brooke B.
“My job can be exhausting. I needed to find a way to recharge. The burnout section really helped me figure out some ways to recover. I’m now finding more joy in my job and find myself more aware of how I’m feeling after certain patient interactions.”
Katie R.