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The PA Blueprint exists to educate and empower our peers in healthcare and beyond, giving you what you need to succeed. This is the vital information that you didn’t get in your training, but that is critical to your ability to thrive, not just survive.

You deserve the chance to be in control of your career…This is why we do what we do.

  • Upper-range compensation and benefits.
  • Optimized work schedule to fit your lifestyle.
  • Sleek student loan payoff plan.
  • Millions for retirement.
  • Contract negotiation skills that your employers can’t say “no” to.
  • Burnout recovery + prevention plan.
  • Unique hacks, information and action-steps, collected and distilled from 15+ years of healthcare experience.


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PA Blueprint Book and Application Essentials
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Who are the PA Architects?

Meet Jordan Fisher, PA-C and Shayne Foley, PA-C – the brains and authors behind the book.

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What your peers are saying about The PA Blueprint

“Just finished a webinar on contract negotiation for new grad and experienced PAs presented by Shayne Foley, MS, PA-C and Jordan Fisher, MS, PA-C of The PA Blueprint – it was incredibly well done with great reference materials, Q&A, solid advice, and much more! Great work and I absolutely recommend them to all PAs and PA students!”
Dr. David Beck, PA-C.
“The PABlueprint is a phenomenal service to use, and I would highly recommend!!  They presented to our clinical year students towards the end of their clinical year about best practices and next steps to take post-graduation.  It was well received, and the students felt more prepared about what to expect in the immediate transition after graduation into professional practice.  We are excited to continue our partnership with them.”
PA Faculty from South College Atlanta
“These sessions are a must as a new grad or someone who is just beginning to take their money/investments seriously. Shayne is very thorough and gives super personalized advice. It is very helpful to have someone be hands on and help you navigate all of the sites that you suddenly become a part of after being hired (insurance, benefits, investments etc…) Having Shayne help me manage my investment accounts and counsel me regarding the different investment options was invaluable. Mind you, many of these investments were set for me automatically by fidelity. I never knew I could and should go and hand select them. Now, I am working towards maxing out my 403b and opening a Roth IRA and when I started, I only had a vague idea what these words meant.”
Career Services
“PA Blueprint has been a game changer. When stepping into the PA profession, there is a lot more to consider than studying to pass the next test! With the coaching of Jordan and Shayne, I was able to anticipate things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Individual coaching sessions plus webinars helped me negotiate for an outstanding first job that I am very satisfied with. With the help of PA Blueprint, I negotiated for outstanding pay with a great schedule, all in the specialty I actually wanted to work in. Thank you, PA Blueprint!”
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