Contract Negotiation

We will take our highly-touted Contract Review service to the next level by guiding you through a successful negotiation process.

Let Us Coach You Through It

You may not feel comfortable, know what to say, or know when to give versus take; however, you can drastically increase your odds of getting what you want, with a little help from us! In real time, we will be available to coach you through the back-and-forth, to ensure that you walk away from the negotiation table satisfied.

We want you to be confident that:

  • Your contract is optimized to meet your needs and goals.
  • The PA Blueprint team will be by your side throughout the negotiation process.
  • You will level up your compensation and benefits to the tune of thousands of dollars, potentially even more!
  • Our talking scripts and data-backed approach will make the negotiation process simple and successful.
  • We will educate and empower you to do this on your own in the future!

With our thousands of hours of personal and professional experiences, we’ve dialed in our methods and have been able to help your peers get the following:

  • $10,000 relocation bonus
  • 1 extra week of vacation
  • $11,000 salary increase w/ promotion to Lead APP

We will assess your goals and tease out what your “dream job” might look like. Along with our contract review, you’ll receive written scripts to use for your negotiation. We will give you the tools to have a successful negotiation now and in the future. 

RATE: $300

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here is what past clients say…

“Shayne is very knowledgeable on determining negotiations and contracts! I had the opportunity to get feedback from him about potential job opportunities and how to navigate pay conversations; as well as how to showcase my worth during these conversations. He provided sound advice that helped me tailor my resume. Shayne is definitely the person to go to if you’re looking to increase your salary in the healthcare industry.”
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