Resources that will make you a better PA

These are all resources we have vetted and personally use.

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Physician Assistant Next Steps

Our sister book is your guide for what to do after PA school. It provides step-by-step processes for you to follow starting from the day you are handed your diploma. Head over to to get your copy.

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Medical Apps

Use these great apps in your practice and earn CME!

The best app out there!

Earn CME every time you look something up.

Used every single day!

Endless algorithms to help guide your clinical practice.

Continuing Medical education

Check it out CME opportunities we recommend

American Seminar Institute

Complete your CME wherever!

Travel Medical Seminars

Design your own CME to do wherever you want!

Escape CME

Travel the world to do your CME!

Great Resources for the PA Profession

Fantastic courses for Pre-PA students that have decided that the PA profession is for them.

A great personal finance blog for Physician Assistants!

Michele is a seasoned PA with tons of content for Pre-PAs. She also has plenty to offer for current PAs.

Endless information for Pre-PAs and plenty of resources for practicing PAs. There is even a guest post from us!

The best resource for everything FI related to the PA.

A thorough resource for financial education specific to PAs.