Contract Review

We sign many contracts within our lives, but here’s the problem…most of us have never been taught about this!

Contracts are lengthy, written in confusing language and filled with critical details that we may fail to notice.  Ignorantly signing an employment contract can quickly lead to feeling taken advantage of, under-compensated, stuck at a terrible job, burned out and even questioning your career choice.

When you choose to work with us on Contract Review, we will get to know you, assess your goals, and tease out what your “dream job” might look like. Then we will break down your contract and find any current/future red flags, as well as calling out any potential loopholes that you may leverage. You’ll walk away with concise and specific recommendations, which you can take with confidence to the negotiation table.

Here at The PA Blueprint, we are happy to help get what you need and deserve! Whether it’s your 1st or 31st job, we can give you the confidence that your contract.

RATE: $200


  • Outline EXACTLY what will be expected of you…NO SURPRISES!
  • Ensure that you won’t be taken advantage of.
  • Maximize your compensation and benefits.
  • Specify a schedule that fosters life-work balance.
  • Protect you in case of medical or other life emergencies, as well as from potential litigation.

Does Not

  • Contain hidden and limiting aspects (e.g. non-compete clauses).
  • Overcommit you to high patient load expectations or other direct causes of burnout.
  • Force you to retroactively pay back any money to your employer.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here is what past clients say…

“I highly recommend using the Contract Review service from The PA Blueprint, as they helped me get a relocation bonus and more CME money beyond what was offered to me!  They were incredibly professional and thorough, highlighting the good and the bad within my employment contract, which gave me the confidence to go to the negotiation table and ask for something better! Being a new grad a lot of the verbiage was new to me and felt a bit overwhelming trying to decipher it all. The PA Blueprint walked me through it making my first contract negotiation a lot less intimidating!”
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