Career Consulting

You deserve to be in control of your career destiny, but many of us feel otherwise.

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Naivety on student loans, contract negotiation, retirement planning, burnout and other vital aspects of the career leave you feeling financially, mentally and emotionally unwell. 

We are here to help with our Career Consulting service. Using a familiar framework, we will assess, diagnose and treat any current or future career maladies and set you onto a better career course.  From a new graduate to a seasoned veteran, our Career Consulting will meet you where you are in your career, and tailor action plans to meet your goals.


Whether you’re looking to just be pointed in the right direction, from a brain-picking session to needing a complete overhaul…we’ve got you covered:

  • Personal finance overhaul (student loans, budgeting, investing, etc.)
  • Life-work balance assessment and plan
  • Side hustle consultation
  • Maximizing compensation opportunities

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