If you’ve read The PA Blueprint or our blog posts, you know that we love all things CME! We even have an entire chapter of the book dedicated to it! It’s not only a necessary requirement to maintain our certification and education, but it also facilitates our clinical growth. Taking a step back for a second: Isn’t it amazing that we now have someone paying us for our education, versus the other way around, such as we experienced during PA school?!

Having 15 years of CME experience under our belts, we’ve shopped around for the best CME resources. We know a thing or two about what makes a great CME resource, including how to leverage your CME funds for gift cards and credit card points in addition to getting the required CME credits. In our searches, we kept coming back to Board Vitals, a company that offers exceptional resources for PANCE + PANRE preparation, as well as CME resources, some of which include gift card bundles worth up to $3,000!

Not only is Board Vitals a company that we personally use and recommend, but they happen to be having their biggest sale of the year happening right now! They are offering up to 30% off of their question banks, and $150 off of CME activities! Although you may not be using your own money to pay for your CME, deals like these are important to jump on, so you should do so now before they expire on 11/29/21! Stretch those CME dollars further by taking advantage of these deals!

We spoke about saving CME money via promo codes in The PA Blueprint, and here is an excerpt:
“You can easily be lulled into thinking, because you are spending “house money,” that costs don’t matter as much. I encourage you to think of your CME allotment as your own money, not your company’s.”

Saving some money on your CME purchases means that you have more to spend on other things, if you so choose.  So, jump on these best-of-the-year deals before they expire!

DISCLAIMER: 1). We do have an affiliate agreement with our friends at Board Vitals, so by clicking the links in this post and purchasing anything from them, we do receive a portion of the purchase. 2). The views expressed here are our own and do not necessarily represent the views of our employers. 

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